Office Hysteroscopy

A hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure that allows a detailed evaluation of the inside of the uterus. It provides more accurate and thorough information than an ultrasound and is an important diagnostic tool for women suffering from heavy or painful periods, irregular bleeding or infertility.

At Veritas Fertility & Surgery, we provide office-based hysteroscopy for the convenience of our patients. Many gynecologists schedule these procedures in a surgery center or hospital setting, which is more costly and takes much longer to complete.

Office Hysteroscopy is an important diagnostic tool for women suffering from heavy or painful periods, irregular bleeding or infertility.

During an office hysteroscopy, the doctors at Veritas Fertility and Surgery insert a small, lighted telescopic camera through the cervix and into the uterine cavity. A saline solution is used to expand the uterine cavity for a clearer view. With this procedure, uterine abnormalities such as polyps, fibroids, adhesions and inflammation of the uterine lining can be identified. If adhesions or polyps are present, Dr. Puthoff or Dr. Yeung can remove them during the office hysteroscopy in most cases. If more significant uterine abnormalities are found, such as fibroids or a uterine septum, then a procedure to treat these can be scheduled in a surgery center or hospital. Even in these cases, the office hysteroscopy still provides valuable information to guide decision-making for a subsequent procedure.

In addition to being done in a more comfortable environment than a hospital, an office hysteroscopy is more cost-effective and efficient. After several minutes of preparation, the procedure is usually completed in 10 minutes. It also requires no recovery time, and patients can resume their normal day afterward. Women are welcome to bring someone with them, but this is not a requirement.

In contrast, when a hysteroscopy is performed in a hospital setting, patients must take an entire day off work since they are expected to arrive 1-2 hours prior the procedure and must be prepared to have the rest of the day to recover since strong sedation medications that are used.

Most women experience only slight cramping during an office hysteroscopy. To help ease this cramping, we recommend taking 600mg of ibuprofen about two hours prior to the procedure. We also provide patients with a heating pad for added comfort. In some cases, we might recommend a local anesthetic to numb the uterus, depending on the procedure and the patient’s experience with other similar procedures in the past. Women may have mild cramping and some spotting for a short time following the procedure, which is normal.

In most cases, yes. Insurance companies view this as the exact same procedure as a hysteroscopy performed in a hospital. In fact, insurers often prefer when patients have an office hysteroscopy instead of a hysteroscopy in a hospital, whenever possible, as it is less costly.


“Dr. Puthoff is amazing! He is compassionate, patient, and very intelligent. He seems to really care, and it feels like you’re in good hands. It is reassuring that he is so good at what he does and still allows you to make your own choices.”

“I am very blessed that the Lord brought Dr. Puthoff and his team into my life. His work and the treatment I received made it possible for us to have another child. That is a priceless joy and we couldn’t say thank you enough to Dr. Puthoff.”

“The friendly and welcoming attitude of Dr. Puthoff put me right at ease. He thoroughly explained the procedure and answered all of my questions. I felt extremely confident that he is the right surgeon for my procedure.”

“My husband and I were very pleased with how approachable and comforting Dr. Puthoff was. He took time to listen and to care. We never felt rushed. He gave us hope. That’s what we needed. Thank you Dr. Puthoff for what you do. Your job truly has a lasting impression and gift on your patients.”

“Because of my first visit and the attentive phone calls I have received since, I am confident I am in caring hands for my upcoming surgery. I feel extremely grateful to be getting such amazing care.”

“I always feel involved in my care. Dr. Puthoff has an excellent bedside manner and demonstrates a high level of professionalism.”

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