Our Fees

Veritas Fertility & Surgery is an out-of-network medical practice. This does not mean we don’t take insurance, but rather that we are not contracted with insurance companies to accept predetermined rates for services and surgeries.

When you receive care at Veritas Fertility & Surgery, we bill your insurance’s out-of-network benefits to cover a portion of your financial responsibility. We have retained a billing and negotiating company to advocate on your behalf to ensure that you get the maximum possible coverage from your insurance, which often includes processing denials or submitting appeals.

Why is Veritas Fertility & Surgery out-of-network?

Infertility is a complex disorder – there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. Many conditions causing infertility are best treated with specialized treatments or reproductive surgeries that restore a woman to optimal health, giving her the best chance of achieving pregnancy naturally.

Insurance companies don’t always distinguish between the advanced reproductive surgeries we offer and “standard” procedures that can leave patients with incompletely treated conditions or extensive scar tissue, which can further harm fertility down the road.

Being out-of-network means we aren’t limited in the treatments we can provide. This arrangement allows us to offer comprehensive, personalized treatment plans determined by your specific health needs and not the whims of insurance companies.

Being out-of-network means we aren’t limited in the treatments we can provide. This arrangement allows us to offer comprehensive, personalized treatment plans determined by your specific health needs and not the whims of insurance companies.


Want to know more?

For more information about our fees and what to expect from your insurance plan, schedule a free insurance discussion with our Patient Care Coordinator by calling 314-405-9556.

Our fees for office visits, ultrasounds, and in-office procedures are based on the average fees for such services in our area. The amount you pay for care with our office will depend on your insurance plan’s out-of-network benefits.

The cost of surgery involves two components: a “surgeon fee” and hospital charges. For most patients, the charges from Mercy Hospital or St. Louis Multispecialty Surgery Center are applied to their in-network benefits.

For Dr. Puthoff’s surgeon fees, there is a deposit which must be paid in full prior to surgery. The amount of this deposit is based on the expected length and complexity of your surgery. Whatever portion of the surgeon fees your insurance plan covers will be refunded to you after surgery, up to the amount of your deposit in some cases.

We have retained a negotiating company to advocate on your behalf to get the maximum possible coverage from your insurance for your surgery. Dealing with insurance companies can sometimes be a complex process which can involve processing denials and submitting appeals. We want to take this burden off our patients, which is why we have retained this negotiating company.

Health insurance is inherently complex, and there can be a variety of factors that determine the cost of care for one patient that might be different from another patient.

Our Patient Care Coordinator can provide you with information and guidance. Prior to your initial consultation with Dr. Puthoff, she will:

  • Consult with your insurance company to determine out-of-network benefits
  • Explain what level of coverage you can expect from your insurance
  • Explain what services and procedures may or may not be covered

For patients who do not have out-of-network coverage or who would rather be a self-pay patient, we offer a a self-pay discount for office visits and procedures. Regardless of your out-of-network coverage, we recommend all patients discuss financial options with our Patient Care Coordinator.

Patients pay an up-front deposit at the time of office visits and procedures. The deposit is like an office copay. The amount of the deposit will vary based on the care you are receiving (office visit, ultrasound, procedure, etc.) and will depend on your out-of-network benefits, deductible and co-insurance amounts. After billing your insurance company, you may receive an invoice for any remaining balance. In some cases, your plan’s out-of-network benefits may cover most or all of your financial responsibility, in which case you will receive a refund from our office, pending any outstanding bills.


“Dr. Puthoff is amazing! He is compassionate, patient, and very intelligent. He seems to really care, and it feels like you’re in good hands. It is reassuring that he is so good at what he does and still allows you to make your own choices.”

“Dr. Yeung is one of the few doctors who truly listens and does not simply dismiss symptoms. When I go to see him, I know I will be taken seriously and treated with the utmost respect.”

“I am very blessed that the Lord brought Dr. Puthoff and his team into my life. His work and the treatment I received made it possible for us to have another child. That is a priceless joy and we couldn’t say thank you enough to Dr. Puthoff.”

“I would recommend Dr. Yeung to anyone who believes they have endometriosis. For years I was told I couldn’t possibly have endometriosis because I was too young. Dr. Yeung took the time to listen to my story and even prayed with me before surgery.”

“The friendly and welcoming attitude of Dr. Puthoff put me right at ease. He thoroughly explained the procedure and answered all of my questions. I felt extremely confident that he is the right surgeon for my procedure.”

“Dr. Yeung listens and understands you. He makes things easy to understand and supports your decision in your choice for care.”

“My husband and I were very pleased with how approachable and comforting Dr. Puthoff was. He took time to listen and to care. We never felt rushed. He gave us hope. That’s what we needed. Thank you Dr. Puthoff for what you do. Your job truly has a lasting impression and gift on your patients.”

“Because of my first visit and the attentive phone calls I have received since, I am confident I am in caring hands for my upcoming surgery. I feel extremely grateful to be getting such amazing care.”

“Dr. Yeung is incredibly knowledgeable and been such a tremendous help in my journey with endometriosis and infertility. Since surgery, my pain has decreased so much, and we are now taking the next steps to try to get pregnant naturally. I’m forever grateful for Dr. Yeung.”

“I always feel involved in my care. Dr. Puthoff has an excellent bedside manner and demonstrates a high level of professionalism.”