Advanced Pelvic Ultrasound

Veritas Fertility & Surgery offers advanced pelvic ultrasound in the comfort of our office. Ultrasound is an essential tool for evaluating infertility and other gynecologic issues such as heavy or painful periods. Ultrasounds provide important diagnostic information which help guide treatment decisions. Additionally, ultrasounds are much less expensive and easier to complete than other types of imaging, such as CT scans or MRIs.

While many doctors order ultrasounds to be completed in a hospital radiology department, Veritas Fertility & Surgery provides in-office ultrasounds, which is more convenient and cost-effective for our patients. Our team of sonographers have special training to evaluate the uterus and ovaries with ultrasound. They know precisely what the doctors at Veritas Fertility and Surgery are looking for with each scan, which improves the quality and value of the ultrasounds performed in our office.

Advanced Pelvic Ultrasound is performed in-house at Veritas Fertility & Surgery

Another benefit of having your ultrasounds performed at Veritas Fertility & Surgery is that the doctors can review each ultrasound image themselves, gleaning valuable information that cannot be obtained simply from reading a radiologist’s report. Performing ultrasounds in our office also allows Dr. Puthoff or Dr. Yeung to make important treatment decisions based on his review of each patient’s ultrasound images.

Veritas Fertility & Surgery offers several types of advanced pelvic ultrasounds, each with a distinct purpose. Our most common ultrasound procedures include a baseline pelvic ultrasound, follicle study, and saline infusion sonohysterogram (SIS).


“Dr. Puthoff is amazing! He is compassionate, patient, and very intelligent. He seems to really care, and it feels like you’re in good hands. It is reassuring that he is so good at what he does and still allows you to make your own choices.”

“Dr. Yeung is one of the few doctors who truly listens and does not simply dismiss symptoms. When I go to see him, I know I will be taken seriously and treated with the utmost respect.”

“I am very blessed that the Lord brought Dr. Puthoff and his team into my life. His work and the treatment I received made it possible for us to have another child. That is a priceless joy and we couldn’t say thank you enough to Dr. Puthoff.”

“I would recommend Dr. Yeung to anyone who believes they have endometriosis. For years I was told I couldn’t possibly have endometriosis because I was too young. Dr. Yeung took the time to listen to my story and even prayed with me before surgery.”

“The friendly and welcoming attitude of Dr. Puthoff put me right at ease. He thoroughly explained the procedure and answered all of my questions. I felt extremely confident that he is the right surgeon for my procedure.”

“Dr. Yeung listens and understands you. He makes things easy to understand and supports your decision in your choice for care.”

“My husband and I were very pleased with how approachable and comforting Dr. Puthoff was. He took time to listen and to care. We never felt rushed. He gave us hope. That’s what we needed. Thank you Dr. Puthoff for what you do. Your job truly has a lasting impression and gift on your patients.”

“Because of my first visit and the attentive phone calls I have received since, I am confident I am in caring hands for my upcoming surgery. I feel extremely grateful to be getting such amazing care.”

“Dr. Yeung is incredibly knowledgeable and been such a tremendous help in my journey with endometriosis and infertility. Since surgery, my pain has decreased so much, and we are now taking the next steps to try to get pregnant naturally. I’m forever grateful for Dr. Yeung.”

“I always feel involved in my care. Dr. Puthoff has an excellent bedside manner and demonstrates a high level of professionalism.”

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